How Your Company Can Stand Out

How Your Company Can Stand Out

In a world where there is almost always someone else providing the same or a similar product or service, it is crucial to ensure your company/business stands out – stands out from its competitors, stands out from the norm, and can grab the attention of people who didn’t know they needed you in the first place. At the end of the day, the only way you can achieve this goal is through your reputation. Building a solid, memorable, and unique reputation will always attract attention and here are some foolproof ways to facilitate it. 

It starts and ends with customer service

Chances are you’re reading this thinking ‘well obviously’. Don’t be so quick to assume you have a full grasp on the ways expect customer services can separate you from the rest and allow you to make your mark on the industry you inhabit. This isn’t just having competent and knowledgeable people on the end of the phone line or a quick turnaround for emails. This isn’t simply a ‘the customer is always right’ attitude or striving to over-deliver. The most overlooked aspect of customer service is the role of actually listening but also taking any feedback on board to facilitate changes. In a world full of trolls and people who are willing to try just about any trick or trap this can often be a hard task to meet. However, taking the time to record, analyse and make changes or reparations following customer feedback or complaints is a sure way to build a reputation of gold standard customer service.

Strikeout from the norm

Don’t be like everyone else – it sounds straightforward but isn’t always easy to achieve. People often know what they like and like what they know but it’s your job to make that thing they like, you. If you want to stand out you have to do just that, stand out. Take some time to brainstorm better ways to do things, new ways to do things or exciting changes to make. This will always be a risk as you can’t know for sure your plan is going to work, but when you succeed in bringing some individuality to the way things are done, you’ll find it brings in more business and may even allow mark you as the beginner of a trend. Nothing says notable and stands out quite like having your competitors follow suit.

Desirable workplace culture

The people who work for you (particularly if your company is a large one) are your biggest asset when it comes to word of mouth. More than that, the better reputation you have as a workplace/employer the better talent you will attract and the more growth you are likely to see. Aside from the obvious factors of generous pay, flexible working environments, hefty bonus schemes or extras, employees want to feel supported and valued. The more satisfaction they can achieve from their work, the harder they will do so. Personal development is a win-win to encourage and support your staff and inspire them to bring a higher standard to your company. Short courses, dare to lead workshops or a leadership development program are ideal to help further the abilities of your staff. Too many workplaces fall into the trap of thinking that if the job is getting done then all is well – if it’s not broken don’t fix it – but as long as you support your staff in their growth and provide a culture they don’t want to leave, you’ll be investing that time and money directly into your company and its capacity to stand out from the rest. 

Don’t be stingy

The whole ‘it takes money to make money’ might be a little too Wall Street for most of us, but it doesn’t take away from the truth of the fact. If you want to attract high quality, give off high standards and provide stand out goods and services you are going to need to invest the money to do so. Promotional items are all good and well for big signs and grabbing attention, but you want people to come to you because you are good and not just because you might be providing a bargain. If your business requires digital work, ensure you have the best, get the extras, and get the Global Service Desk that will assist the best outcomes. The best doesn’t always have to mean the most expensive and budgets are not something to be overlooked, but it’s not a myth that you often end up spending more when you buy cheap. 

Find your niche/be the expert

Unless your company is a large, multifaceted one with the capacity to have multiple specialties, your best bet is to focus on a single area and grow. Many smaller or newer companies find themselves trying to enter into multiple markets at once, cover as many bases are they are able. They believe this will bring them in more customers as they will appeal to multiple demographics. If your goal is to stand out, this is not going to support you in that. If your business is that of the oil fee air compressor, then be the expert in that. Your aim should be that whenever a prospective customer is in the market for an air compressor lease, you are the obvious choice due to your expertise. If your speciality or niche is clear, obvious and an easy association you are all but guaranteed to stand out from the rest. 

Give back where you can

As our younger, sustainably minded generations begin to dominate our markets, it’s a no brainer to consider ways you are impacting the community and environments around you. Whether your look to make charitable donations or endeavour to source and work with sustainability in mind, your work towards promoting a better future for all is a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from competitors. This must be done with a genuine interest in making a difference though, you don’t want to be known as false or manipulative. As long as you ensure your choice of contributions reflects your company values and can be realistically maintained, it is sure to paint you in a good light and effectively and positively promote your company.